The Key Members Involved in Tower Crane Erection

Tower Cranes Erecting UAE

Over the years that we have been in the industry, we’ve been asked by many project managers about tower cranes. The common question being who the main people are involved in tower cranes erecting UAE. Given the number of time we’ve been asked this, we thought of going ahead and preparing this blog to help answer you. Continue reading to know more about these members.

Member Appointed for The Task

They are usually the ones who have to collect all the data with regards to the site, review it and also decide on a suitable strategy for the project. In simple terms, their role basically involves conducting a thorough analysis of the site and also come up with solutions that increase efficiency – 80 percent high without causing halts or any delays. In short, all they have to do is select an ideal location as well as crane model.

Structural Engineer

These people are essential as they are involved in the pre-designing stage of the crane tower. Basically, their role entails supervising the design with respect to the site of construction. In reality, they not only handle the designing and installation of the base, but also stabilize the crane in case anything needs to be hooked on, and also to adjust it to the height of the building. Lastly, everyone’s safety is their responsibility.

Project Manager

Similar to any project, their role comes into play once the engineer has completed the design phase, further ensuring safety and feasibility on-site. Given that there are several approaches, they have to ensure the one chosen is economical for the company. You are given the option to either rent or buy brand-new or secondhand models.

The Key Members Involved in Tower Crane Erection

On-Site Team

Upon completion of the planning, designing and purchasing stage, last comes in the role of the on-site team members. By this stage, everything is completed by the engineer and they have perhaps already briefed the team working on site. There is a total of five members including the driver of the crane who plays a very important role here. One might think all they have to do is move the crane, it is actually quite challenging and requires special skills. It cannot be done by non-trained individuals. Their job is to pass on the pieces hooked onto the crane from a member standing at the base to the remaining three who are placed at three different key areas of the site.

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