Tips to Stay Away from Scams of Fraud Passports

The passport defines our nationality, and our places of travel. It is an important document that provides us with an identification to be recognized by government officials and other institutions globally. Wealthy people have found a new way of overcoming political, social, travel and banking challenges, which is by obtaining citizenships and passports, being a multi-million – dollar industry that entices more investors with each passing day. That being said, there are several companies who seek to take advantage of this and make easy money by scamming you.

Though these days with modern technology in place, it is become increasingly difficult for criminals to get through with a fake passport. But that certainly doesn’t stop scammers from committing such heinous acts, as you would be the one affected by it and not them. In order to prevent you from facing an embarrassing situation such as this, keep reading to understand seven different ways in which you can spot someone who’s offering you a fake passport, and why you should consider opting for reliable and accredited citizenship by investment agency such as
PassPro – Citizenship by investment.

Don’t Offer the Certificate

Don’t Offer the Certificate

As an accredited CBI program agency or consultancy, they should be able to provide you with not just the passport but the certificate of naturalization as well, which is typically offered by the government. This document is proving the authenticity of your passport, and is proof that you have obtained it either through naturalization or investment. If you’ve never received any such official document apart from your passport, consider it a red flag.

They Don’t Have A Valid License

Any legal consulting company that offers citizenship-by-investment services must have a trade license and physical address. When you find that they don’t have either, immediately stop working with them as it might be a scam.

It’s Not an Easy Process

It is wise and advisable to not trust companies who guarantee you of obtaining the passport faster than the government. The timeline varies depending on the country, so make sure to not fall into such scams. Before issuing a passport, due diligence must be exercised when applying for citizenship or residency. Therefore, you’re never going to meet someone who can give you a passport from one day to the next, and in case you do, you may be dealing with someone who wants to benefit from your dreams fraudulently.

Not Listed on The Government Website

Not Listed on The Government Website

Application for economic citizenship is a process that can’t be achieved or completed on its own. Potential applicants are warned that their application may only be submitted either through a licensed agent or government-approved agent.

How do you decide whether a specific company is an authorized or approved agent? Simply visit the website of the government where you will find a list of agents authorized by the Government. If you don’t come across the company that is offering you the program, consider it a tell-tale sign of a fraud company.

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